Monday, November 15, 2010



This is Robin & Colin. They are engaged. To be married. They asked me to take pictures for their “save the date” wedding invitations. If any more evidence of their madness needs to be provided; they have also insisted that I be their wedding photographer (discarding my staunch and repeated objections). More after the jump…

Robin & Colin are two of the biggest goofballs I personally have the pleasure to know. I don’t think I need much more proof beyond the fact that they arrived at the photo shoot in matching “Marriage is SO gay” tee-shirts. After that, anything I could add would just belabor the point.

It was a gorgeous fall Saturday – probably the last we’ll see around here for some time. Robin had been asking me for months about taking these photos – and schedule issues on both our parts kept holding it off. But the day was perfect so we made the most of it.

Arcane photo nonsense: a pretty simple setup; AB1600, Vagabond, 12’ stand. We were shooting around 2 in the afternoon, so most of the time I just used the standard AB 7” reflector (one of these days I’m going to have a post where I actually, you know, use stuff). But the high sun (even in the shade) and the bright fall colors needed a lot of “umph” to keep them under control… so most of the time I’m at some point between ½ and full power.

I like these pictures a lot; even if they do look a little “Sears professional photography-esque”. Perhaps next time I’ll shoot against book-shelves or something. About the only thing that makes me a little crazy is that they are high-contrasty. Zack shoots these exact same pictures, with the exact same gear, but manages to get a softer looking final product. As soon as someone figures out a way to steal raw talent, I’ll be first in line to get his.

At any rate, we had a lot of fun. Colin kept complaining that “we only, you know, need one picture”. I countered with the well reasoned argument “shut up, and look at me”. After that, things broke down quickly; with R&C demanding that we take some picture in a Port-A-John. It’s an organic process.


Indeed it is.

Welcome to Sears. Please choose from the following backgrounds...

This was their idea – to tell the truth originally I didn’t like it. But they insisted; and I ended up really digging what it looked like. Take that, ego.

Beautiful day? Ga-ga-ga gorgeous colors? That’s not gonna stop me from shooting some B&W.


End of line.


  1. "AB1600, Vagabond, 12’ stand..." but how much MUSTARD was there?

  2. I love these! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hitch: Looking at the photos, I'd say just the right amount.