Friday, July 15, 2011

For Robin, on her wedding day.


The half-dozen regular readers of this blog will recognize Robin; she makes a lot of appearances here. In all deference to my friends (whom I love and adore), I probably take more pictures of Robin than anyone else. It’s easy to see why; she’s gorgeous, fearless, and has all the personality in the world. She’s getting married this weekend and, despite my staunch and repeated objections, has asked me to be her wedding photographer.  More after the jump…

I first met Robin in 2002 when she was a University of Pittsburgh freshmen and came to Friday Nite Improvs. She was part of a larger group of friends who all lived together, all of who would eventually become my friends as well. I was taking pictures of just about every FNI between 2002 and 2009; looking back at those photos it’s funny to see her (and others) migrate from being just faces in the audience to some of my dearest friends. Robin finished her undergrad and went on to graduate from Pitt’s Law School; she met her fiancĂ© Colin here in Pittsburgh, and has been generally one of the most awesome people I know.

And perhaps that last bit requires a little explanation.
Robin is hot, smart, and an absolute sweet-heart (and this, I assure you, is the rarest of trifectas). She is a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge – both practical and arcane – so much so that one of her many nicknames is “Factsy” (and woe has it been to many that dared counterfeit a loosely held belief as proof in her presence). She is also one of the most patriotic people I know (over which she loves more – Colin or the USA – it’s probably a coin toss), and she can drink you and all of your friends under the table; on more than one occasion I’ve seen her consume enough alcohol to kill a bison, and then, despite not having the ability to stand name every American president in chronological order (forwards AND backwards).

Some early pictures of Robin


Robin is nothing if not a true Patriot...

...But she will shotgun that beer faster than you can blink

In 2005 Robin lost both her parents, suddenly and unexpectedly, within a span of four months. Now, I wouldn’t presume to speak for her but – as one of her friends with her during that time I can tell you it was a brutal assault on the soul; one that could rightfully make even the most pious question the nature of a benevolent God. The fact that she still stands is a testament to her character – perhaps the only one she will ever need. If you knew nothing else about her, trust me, this would be enough.

Robin has also been one of the strongest supporters of this photography…thing… I do. Every time I’ve ever come up with some hair brained photo scheme I only have to pick up the phone and Robin is eager (eager!) to be my photographic Chuck Yeager. And if I so much as utter a self-disparaging word regarding my work, she is just as eager to give me a fierce tongue lashing. I’m not kidding when say that I honestly fought with her about being her wedding photographer. I tried my best to convince her to “go with a pro”, but she would have none of it. Look, I like to consider myself a pretty independent kind of guy – but Robin has (repeatedly) believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. And that’s something not easily taken for granted.




This weekend will be filled with fun, friends, and more pictures than I’ve probably ever shot at one time. Assuming I don’t accidently leave the lens cap on there will be a post to follow. For now, I’m looking forward to the wedding of a dear friend; and looking forward to a time when I’ll be taking pictures of her children, all the while regaling them with stories about their mother that she’ll be furious that I remember.

Robin loves her some karaoke...
... and some factual facts...
... and Colin.
Note: I’ve chosen these pictures of Robin not based on their artistic value, but rather as a poor attempt to give you glimpse of the person I call friend.

End of line.