Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Look away

Megan is beautiful; this is kind of a universal truth. It’s really difficult to take a bad picture of her, tho lord knows I’ve tried. So when she insisted on a photo day I didn’t really have much choice but to agree. To be honest, I was dead tired from a long weekend of fun & frolic – and was looking forward to a day off. But really, there are far worse ways to spend a day.

One of the great things (an there are mannny) about Megan are her eyes. She has these beautiful light blue eyes that seem to change color depending on the environment. It’s wonderful and maddening all at the same time. But on this particular day it wasn’t her eyes (per se) that were making me crazy, but her new hair cut. She had recently cut her hair to include long straight bangs, ones that hung down just below her eyes. Every time I chimped my camera, all I could see was the shadow caused by those bangs falling on her eyes.

And, of course, I had loaded just about every piece of equipment I owned into my car, except a fill reflector. Oh, the lightest and easiest to transport thing you have? No thanks; today I think I’ll leave that 12oz boat-anchor at home, thank you.

So here I am; in one ear I’ve got Zack Arias yelling at me to “light for the eyes!” and in the other I’ve got Dave Hobby telling me to go make a reflector out of chewing-gum rapper and a ball-bungee. I’m tired and the day hasn’t even started yet. You know what’s going to win in this situation? Being lazy.

“Look away.” *click* Done.

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  1. I'm sorry about my bangs. Sort of.

    Also, holy make-a-girl-melt, Louis. You are the sweetest. And most talented.