Monday, November 15, 2010



This is Robin & Colin. They are engaged. To be married. They asked me to take pictures for their “save the date” wedding invitations. If any more evidence of their madness needs to be provided; they have also insisted that I be their wedding photographer (discarding my staunch and repeated objections). More after the jump…

Robin & Colin are two of the biggest goofballs I personally have the pleasure to know. I don’t think I need much more proof beyond the fact that they arrived at the photo shoot in matching “Marriage is SO gay” tee-shirts. After that, anything I could add would just belabor the point.

It was a gorgeous fall Saturday – probably the last we’ll see around here for some time. Robin had been asking me for months about taking these photos – and schedule issues on both our parts kept holding it off. But the day was perfect so we made the most of it.

Arcane photo nonsense: a pretty simple setup; AB1600, Vagabond, 12’ stand. We were shooting around 2 in the afternoon, so most of the time I just used the standard AB 7” reflector (one of these days I’m going to have a post where I actually, you know, use stuff). But the high sun (even in the shade) and the bright fall colors needed a lot of “umph” to keep them under control… so most of the time I’m at some point between ½ and full power.

I like these pictures a lot; even if they do look a little “Sears professional photography-esque”. Perhaps next time I’ll shoot against book-shelves or something. About the only thing that makes me a little crazy is that they are high-contrasty. Zack shoots these exact same pictures, with the exact same gear, but manages to get a softer looking final product. As soon as someone figures out a way to steal raw talent, I’ll be first in line to get his.

At any rate, we had a lot of fun. Colin kept complaining that “we only, you know, need one picture”. I countered with the well reasoned argument “shut up, and look at me”. After that, things broke down quickly; with R&C demanding that we take some picture in a Port-A-John. It’s an organic process.


Indeed it is.

Welcome to Sears. Please choose from the following backgrounds...

This was their idea – to tell the truth originally I didn’t like it. But they insisted; and I ended up really digging what it looked like. Take that, ego.

Beautiful day? Ga-ga-ga gorgeous colors? That’s not gonna stop me from shooting some B&W.


End of line.


  1. "AB1600, Vagabond, 12’ stand..." but how much MUSTARD was there?

  2. I love these! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hitch: Looking at the photos, I'd say just the right amount.

  4. Love this couple! This couple has a unique charm on the face which is describing their love for each other. You know dear we are also engaged now. After the long term relationship we got engaged at the prettiest event space NYC where my fiancé threw a surprise party for me. Just two of us were there.